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Micro Farming, Our New Products

with more new products being developed ...
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Fast Company has identified 4 Tech Trends That Will Define 2015 and prominently featured is Micro Farming. 

We have prepared our new MicroFarms that will allow you to grow fresh and nutrition packed microgreens and microherbs that are Simply the Best!

How is it the best? Well, lets start with the items in the farm. Each farm comes with grow trays (3 sizes) and humidity covers that are made from recycled plastic bottles and the growing media is made from sustainable coconut coir with added nutrients including worm castings. Our seeds are all Non GMO and organic. Our new irrigation system features a simple bottom up watering process to make getting water to the roots of the crops easy and effective.

Our crops are noteworthy both in their taste and visual appeal. We have been supplying our crops to chefs and stores and they all remark how the taste of our produce is exceptional. We include our secret ingredient of sea solid fertilizer to get that taste AND create a nutritional powerhouse in your food. The sea solids provide trace minerals to the crops which in turn give you the ability to replace many trace elements that are lacking in our modern diets by consuming fresh produce from your Micro Farm !!!  Our farms are simply the BEST !!!